SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence [230mL]


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  • Vibrant clear skin in 14 days.
  • Improves texture, increases firmness
  • Increases wrinkle resilience, enhances radiance
  • Controls spot pigmentation
  • Made in Japan

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Inspired by the latest insights on women’s perspective on men’s skin, SK-II scientists embarked on an important in-depth research to precisely understand the biological behavior and the inner workings of men’s skin that give rise to the physical differences on the skin surface.

The study, which compared men’s skin with women’s skin, found that men have:
– Higher sebum secretion levels that contribute to oilier skin and make skin prone to clogged pores, breakouts and the onset of ageing signs. Their sebum secretion levels typically start increasing from their 30s and continue to do so throughout their lifespan.
– Significantly lower skin hydration and hence, their skin tends to be less moisturized.
– Significantly duller skin tone. This is caused by coarser facial hair and environmental pollutants like UV rays.
– The study also revealed that men tend to have a rougher skin texture caused by daily facial shaving.

Based on SK-II’s holistic skin tracking study spanning a decade, SK-II scientists have also successfully mapped out the properties of skin to identify the visible components that define skin’s ideal state at any age. By combining these new findings with the insights on men’s skin, SK-II has unearthed the five critical dimensions that affect the vibrancy and clarity of men’s skin:



The SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence includes a unique refreshing ingredient specially designed for men which provides a mild cooling sensation that lasts long after application. Penetrating deep into skin, the essence moisturizes on the spot and remains non-sticky and non-greasy to the touch.

With SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence, skin becomes significantly more moisturized after 3 days. Within 7 days of use, skin becomes less oily with a great reduction in sebum secretion levels. And after 14 days, skin tone becomes brighter and more radiant, giving you vibrant clear skin.

Clinical tests have proven the efficacy of SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence, with 8 in 10 users registering visible improvements in overall skin complexion – and even dermatologists attesting to its efficacy.

How to use

– Splash onto cupped palms 3-4 times and pat evenly onto the face and neck.

– Apply every morning and night after cleansing.

Suitable for: All skin types