Shiseido Adenovital Scalp Essence V [180mL]


  • Reduces hair loss
  • Growth of baby hair
  • Reduce oil on the scalp
  • Reduce moisture loss
  • Made in Japan

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Awaken hair’s energy for fuller, stronger & healthier hair.

With the application of Shiseido’s unique technologies based on its advanced bioscience research, Adenovital approaches three dynamics related to hair growth and supports the growth of full, strong and healthy hair. Adenovital contains a magical ingredient called Adenosine. The Shiseido Research Center has been studying Adenosine over the course of 15 years – and they’ve discovered that this naturally occurring substance that exists in the human body, has a remarkable effect on dermal hair papilla; activating and promoting growth. And so the Adenovital range was created.

SHISEIDO ADENOVITAL SCALP ESSENCE V is a new improved version of advanced Scalp Essence made exclusively for hair salons usage. It is formulated with active ingredients that deeply penetrate into the hair root and directly act on the hair growth mechanism, conditions the scalp environment to prevent hair thinning and hair loss, promoting growth of voluminous hair.

This comes in a 180ml bottle with a nozzle opening and application is as simple as applying it onto clean scalp and then massaging it in. Due to the ingredients it contains, the product will leave the scalp feeling cool and fresh. It doesn’t just merely promote hair growth, it makes sure that the hair growth is stronger, thicker, and darker.

– Formulated with Adenosine, Shiseido’s proprietary active ingredient.
– Formulated with Ononis Extract repair ingredient.
– Formulated with Hop Extract, Japanese Pepper Extract and Arnica Extract moisturizing ingredients.
– Fragrance free.

• Marisol Best Cosmetics Award ⇒ 1st Prize in Hair Care Category in the first half of 2011
• GLOW Cosmetics Awards – G1 Grand Prix ⇒ 1st Prize in Hair Care Category in 2011
• SPUR Best Cosmetics Awards in 2011 ⇒ Ranked in “My Most Favourite Beauty Item” List
• FIGARO Japon Best Cosmetics Awards in 2011 ⇒ Ranked in Hair & Scalp Care Category
• WWD BEAUTY JAPAN Best Item Awards of Professional Hair Care & Styling ⇒ Awarded 1st prize in Scalp/Hair Growth Care Category in 2011


How to use

Suitable for: All hair types