Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel [80gm]


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  • All-in-one emulsion, serum, cream, massage and mask.
  • Contains bio-mimetic ingredients highly concentrated with Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts.
  • Comes with applicator spatula
  • Grants 8 hours of continuous hydration
  • Discourages formation of dark spots and freckles caused by UV rays

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Kose Herbal Gel

A multi-beneficial hydrating gel and sleeping mask that improves skin radiance, calms inflammation and creates a natural youthful glow.

An all-in-one Emulsion, Serum, Cream, Massage Pack and Mask
Can be used as an overnight mask that grants 8 hours of continuous hydration while you sleep.
Based on the original oriental herbal recipe of SEKKISEI, with newly added coix seed ferment filtrate.
Soothing floral scent to promote a good night’s rest.

Lightweight yet deeply hydrating formula that absorbs readily into skin. Stays comfortably on the skin even throughout the night.

Contains compounded oriental plants:

coix seed
Coix Seed Extract is familiar to some in the form of Coix Seed tea. Extracted from the seeds of annual plants originating from China and Indochina. It is known to hydrate the skin and prevents roughness.

Extracted from the root of Apiaceae plants growing naturally in mountainous areas among rocks. It is known to provide hydrating effects

Extracted from the roots of Melothria, it is said that the extract has been used for achieving beautiful skin since ancient times in China. Highly moisturizing, it is also rich in NMF constituents and amino acids.

Mugwort extract contains rich proteins, fatty acids and vitamins that can prevent dryness and help to revitalise the skin. Also beneficial for health and beauty, the leaves and roots of the Mugwort plant have been widely consumed in Japan and many other Asian countries since ancient times. Its leaves are highly nutritious, containing oleic acid, linoleic acid, Vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

How to use

– Use after preparing your skin with Lotion as an all-in-one gel alternative to your Emulsion, Serum and Cream. Apply sparingly if makeup is used after.

– Sleeping Mask:Blend approximately one scoop of product gently over skin and leave on overnight.

– Massage Pack:Massage approximately two scoops of product over the skin. Tissue off the excess and leave on overnight.

Suitable for: All skin types