Kose Sekkisei Clear Cleansing Oil [35mL]

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  • Thoroughly removes stubborn makeup, sebum, and even pore-clogging debris
  • Contains Oriental plant extracts
  • Made in Japan

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A cleansing oil compounded with oriental herbal ingredients that cleanses deep into your pores for increased translucency. It not only removes makeup, but also thoroughly eradicates blackheads and sallowness. 


  1. Thoroughly removes stubborn makeup, sebum and pore-clogging debris to create clear, fine-textured skin.
  2. Washes away roughness around the nostrils and chin, and protects the skin’s moisture while removing sallowness.
  3. Gentle and relaxing scent for a pleasant cleansing experience.


The Deep Clear Formula is compounded with a non-sticky oil that feels light, with a dry touch. Spreads readily and washes off easily.

How to use:

  1. Remove the stopper on the pump.
  2. Push the pump a few times to dispense the appropriate amount of oil onto the palm of your hand. Then, blend over your face with your fingertips as if mixing it into your foundation and other makeup.
    * For the appropriate amount, push the pump two to three times.
  3. Rinse off with warm or cold water.

Contains compounded oriental plants:


Coix Seed Extract is familiar to some in the form of Coix Seed tea. Extracted from the seeds of annual plants originating from China and Indochina. It is known to hydrate the skin and prevents roughness.


Extracted from the root of Apiaceae plants growing naturally in mountainous areas among rocks. It is known to provide hydrating effects


Extracted from the roots of Melothria, it is said that the extract has been used for achieving beautiful skin since ancient times in China. Highly moisturizing, it is also rich in NMF constituents and amino acids.


Contains vitamins and is said to be effective in creating beautiful skin. Also has emollient effects.