Kose Seikkisei Emulsion [70mL]


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  • Contains Vitamin C
  • Non-Oily
  • Retains moisture
  • Quick Absorption
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Kose Emulsion
A whitening emulsion that maintains the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Balances the moisture level in the horny layer while delivering whitening effects. A quick absorbing, lightweight moisturizer with highly emollient formula that brightens and softens skin. Contains Vitamin C to reduce melanin production, prevents inflammation, freckles and ageing spots. Suitable for all skin types.

Light and watery texture


How to use

– After cleansing, use KOSE SEKKISEI Lotion, followed by KOSE SEKKISEI Emulsion.

– For oily skin/combination skin, dispense one pump on the cotton pad, then sweep it over the face in the morning and evening after applying lotion.

– For dry skin, use two pumps. If you are using serum, then use emulsion after the serum. Lotion > Serum > Emulsion.

Suitable for: All skin types