KOSE INFINITY Perfective White XX [40mL]

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  • Contains Kojic acid and Allantoin
  • Lightens spots in just 3 months
  • Tackles deep-rooted blemishes
  • Lighten skin pigmentation and evens skin tone

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 A whitening serum that even treats damaged skin! Focusing on the vicious cycle of melanin generation and skin roughness, the formula contains two active ingredients:

Kojic Acid directly tackles the root causes of pigmentation and blemish formation, while the new active ingredient, Allantoin strengthens the skin barrier against inflammation and roughness caused by UV damage.

It treats the “deep-rooted” “persistent” cause of blemishes that become bigger and darker even with adequate UV care, preventing melanocytes from creating excessive melanin. The result is even-toned, highly translucent skin.

With continuous use of the INFINITY Perfective White XX whitening essence over 3 months, you’l be able to notice a gradual lightening of your blemishes!


Apart from the active whitening ingredients contained in the KOSÉ INFINITY Perfective White XX, other newly-added hardworking botanical ingredients help to condition the skin to create an optimal environment for the active ingredients to work at their best!